Our Leaders

Following in the tradition of three generations prior, Pastor Lock has picked up the mantle to carry on the building of the Kingdom of God. Founded and established upon the Apostles Doctrine our Pastor believes in the power of God to liberate each and everyone from bondage.

A native Tucsonan, Pastor Lock is the youngest of three children of Deacon Clarence Lock Sr and Mother Dicie Lock.

Having been bound and then experiencing first hand the mercy and grace of God’s deliverance, Pastor Lock has a determination to take this gospel to the masses that call Tucson, Arizona home.

He has been blessed to be called by God and is a dedicated courier and messenger of God’s word. A gifted teacher and preacher, he stands on the word of God that men should know the truth and truth will set them free.

First Lady Sharon Lock found truth and life upon accepting the Apostolic Faith. She is a woman of quiet strength who is always willing to listen and provide a word of encouragement. She is a Tucson native and the only daughter of Elbert Curry and Annie Lee Curry. Having been raised as an only child she finds joy in having many brothers and sisters in the Lord. First Lady Lock has a strong commitment to leadership and believes in supporting her husband. She is committed to working with him as they both progress in this faith walk in Christ. Her call to evangelize has lead her to start Strength for the Journey Ministry. This outreach ministry is designed to provide a place for group discussions on varying topics that affect many women today. First Lady Lock is a survivor and her favorite scripture stands as testament to her thankfulness to God, “Because thy loving kindness is better than life my lips shall praise thee” Psalms 63:3 (KJV)

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